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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hi Mar, wow you really liked your course i take it!! hehehe just kidding but seriously was it really that bad - i thought it was ment to be on web design so then how come their website was soo terrible - you should complain. hope you had a good weekend, last week was great hey we had like nothing due which was excellent but i guess that wouldn't last forever its like we have soo much due in the nesxt few week now. Anywasy good luck with everything. Faye

Friday, May 21, 2004

The VARK Questionnaire Results

Your scores were:
  • Visual: 5
  • Aural: 2
  • Read/Write: 1
  • Kinesthetic: 6

Multimodal Study Strategies

If you have multiple preferences you are in the majority as somewhere between fifty and seventy percent of any population seems to fit into that group.

Multiple preferences are interesting and quite varied. For example you may have two strong preferences V and A or R and K, or you may have three strong preferences such as VAR or ARK. Some people have no particular strong preferences and their scores are almost even for all four modes. For example one student had scores of V=9, A=9, R=9, and K=9.  She said that she adapted to the mode being used or requested. If the teacher or supervisor preferred a written mode she switched into that mode for her responses and for her learning.

So multiple preferences give you choices of two or three or four modes to use for your interaction with others. Some people have admitted that if they want to be annoying they stay in a mode different from the person with whom they are working. For example they may ask for written evidence in an argument, knowing that the other person much prefers to refer only to oral information. Or they may ask for “concrete’ examples knowing that the other person has a low preference for kinesthetic input and output. These are what some people do when they feel negative. Positive reactions mean that those with multimodal preferences choose to match or align their mode to the significant others around them.

If you have two dominant or equal preferences please read the study strategies that apply to your two choices. If you have three preferences read the three lists that apply and similarly for those with four. You will need to read two or three or four lists of strategies. One interesting piece of information that people with multimodal preferences have told us is that it is necessary for them to use more than one strategy for learning and communicating. They feel insecure with only one. Alternatively those with a single preference often "get it" by using the set of strategies that align with their single preference.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ok well I think I should put my emotions aside and critically talk about this stupid e-Learning course that I'm doing.
- the design and graphics on this course is quite boring. It's not appealing to the eye which makes the course really boring. Each page or topic is just points of facts which they expect the participant to read. And am I reading it? Hell no. There's too much info on one page and you don't expect someone to read all that, esp. When its on the camp.
- there is a lack of interaction with the participant. only interaction there is is me pressing the next button to go to the next topic and scrolling up and down to skim through the page.
**** OMG there's an exercise! ****
- in Exercise One it asks me to "create a simple web page using the tags we have just discussed". First of all, it doesn't tell me where I should create the 'simple web page'. If I was a complete computer illiterate I wouldn't know that I should go into a program like Microsoft FrontPage or web builder site to create a simple webpage. Secondly,how the hell will this get assessed? And how would they know that I've done it or not. So there really isn't any point of it.
- OHHH...ok so for exercise one I was meant to use the tags that I had learnt and put it into a word doc or something and just create the codes without seeing the preview. AND then in exercise two I copy those tags and paste it into a program for web building. Well it should've been more specific with the instructions!
- ok so it gets a bit more interesting, there's actually stuff that I didn't know before. But still it doesn't compensate for the boringness of this course and poor design and layout.
- OMG I just learnt something new. I learnt how to subscript and superscript. Cool! Finally...!
**** WOO! EXERCISE THREE...aahahahah ****
- I'm now at exercise three and I haven't even done what they have told me too. And I think also because I already know how to do the stuff that it is telling me to do might be another reason why I'm not doing it!
- Hasn't the creator of this online course heard of Microsoft FrontPage. All the stuff that is being taught you can easily do on Microsoft FrontPage without all these tags!
**** woahh! Exercise four...How excitment! ****
- and I still haven't done any of the exercises! I think to use something like this in a workplace wouldn't be efficient for the reasons below:
1. How is the e-Learner monitored?
2. How is the e-Learner assessed?
3. As I said before there is a lack of interaction. So how will the learner learn?
Well, that's Day One of the online course complete and I haven't learnt much! There's also not many things that i like about this online coursE!
I'll prolly whiz through Day two and three tonight so I can get started on the report soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Winnie made me realise that maybe the course that i'm doing now is effective for people who have a different learning style to me. Seriously, i don't know how anyone could learn like that. it's so boring!!! I don't like how it doesn't have any interaction what so ever. I mean like i'm not learning anything!! I'm desparate to change my course! Oh yeah have to remember to go to the learning style site [http://www.vark-learning.com ]. THIS IS GAY! I think this is gonna stress me out because it is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i've started on my online course and its not what I expected! I expected it to be interactive and me actually clicking on stuff and that. But nooo...its not like that. its just a whole bunch of info and i read it. To tell you the truth i'm only scrolling up and down and not reading anything from it. This is really stupid I regret doing this course now. I actually think that I could do this course in less than a day, by just scrolling. This definately will not be effective in an organisation!!!!